Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Decorate your home with the best online interior decorator!

When we look at our home, we want it to reflect our personality. Our home portrays the people within. What our tastes are? How welcoming is the family? How considerate is the family?!
With Rokoko, all your InteriorHome Decoration questions will be answered effectively and online!

Let’s have a look at some of our highlights:
Presence in the big 4 cities-
Looking for an expert Interior Design Consultant is difficult. More so because there are so many misleading terms used. Is this an individual or a group of experts? Will they give value for money? Is it a contractor who has his own team of craftsmen and has a rigid design package that is available for clients. Will your home decoration ideas even be considered?!  The team of Rokoko consists of experienced Interior Designers. The team takes your ideas and works to transform them into your home’s interior decoration. All the while keeping an eye on your desired budget! And our Home Decorating Services are now available in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad!
Genuine online presence-
The term ‘online’ is used so loosely, it is difficult to interpret. Is it just the address details that are available on the internet for purpose of search?! Is it a call centre helpline that is available online?! Rokoko has an Innovative Online Interior Design Service that caters to your busy schedule. You work long hours and then prefer to spend family time. No need to visit our office, because our office is online! Browse through our website blog for inspiring interior decoration ideas and trends. Check out how our online designing process works and even select your preferred Interior Design Packages Online!
The best Online Interior Design Packages-
Our thoughtfully designed Packages are a delight! You can choose to decorate one individual room with us. You could use our website to shop for exciting Home Interior Design Offers! And you can choose to have our expert designers give you a personalized shopping list and 3D views of your interior design too! Select from our package options of- essential, enhanced or advanced. There are no hidden fees and you get to avail season offers!
When it comes to decorating your home, leave the transformation to the best at Rokoko!