Friday, 16 November 2018

Latest Interior Home Decoration ideas for your special event

It’s an engagement celebration- congratulations! Your home will be the ‘staging area’, the organizing zone, the control room for this happy event. Surely you want it to reflect your happiness too!
Too keyed up to think straight- you can stop worrying. We have the latest Interior Design Ideas for you to choose from, right here!

The theme-

Decide on a theme which you can then reflect throughout your home classic, traditional, international, glamor, etc.
So for Classic, you could use geometric shapes, basic colour palette, and clean lines to emphasize this theme. The picture frames could be arranged in the form of a basic shaped collage. Guests can be welcomed into a living room that has curtains, dhurries and cushion covers in basic colour monotones – blue, yellow or red. The dining table runner could reflect this theme with a cream background and simple border made of the basic colour palette. Oh, that’s classic!
There is a lot you can do with the traditional theme. Traditional motifs to decorate the living room and continue throughout your home, curios and may be a centerpiece for the room. Maybe bring out the vintage silverware and copper vessels that will certainly be appreciated by your guests.
International is the theme where you get to showcase items you brought back from travel or have collected as a hobby. That Paddington coffee mug and coaster set, or the London Eye showpiece. The Eiffel tower replica or a picture frame of sand dunes. Those postcards you may have collected from all your travels- sure will come in use now! Or how about a set of wall clocks that show international time! Or maybe a painting that depicts that vast Pacific ocean!
And glamor needs no introduction does it? Shimmer sheer curtains, bedazzled decor items, throw cushion covers in rich satin shades with tassels! Lace patterned place mats for the dining table with a rich cotton table runner in a pearl shade!
Oh, we are so excited with these themes! Have you managed to decide yet?

Coffee table-

Your living room will need a place to: keep a snack platter, hold empty tea cups, keep small change for miscellaneous payments, maybe a hand towel or two, some stationery items, etc! Well, the coffee table is your savior. You will be kept very busy in all preparations for this happy event. Don’t be rushed off your feet too! The coffee table will be there for you! With Interior Design Shops Online, you can choose from a variety of coffee tables in various styles with various compartment options.


How wonderful to have a fragrance throughout your home that celebrates your happy event! This is not an everyday occurrence after all! Strategically placed potpourri bowls will work their magic and keep the mood elevated! They potpourri sets are easy to use, are a very convenient form of fragrance and come in attractive containers to match your theme.

UPS inverter-

Maybe just an afterthought, but keep this at the back of your mind. Could the season be responsible for power failure? Or does your area face recurring power shortage? If investing in an inverter will be justified, then do not hesitate!
Now that you have a rough idea, go ahead and get started! Have a wonderful and memorable engagement. 

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