Thursday, 27 September 2018

A Handful of Steps to Get You There!

When it comes to our home, we want its essence to say-welcome! The space needs to be child friendly, pet friendly, must feel comforting to guests, host-a-party friendly…  the space also needs to incorporate sturdiness through the materials used- the wall paint, furniture, accessories and all other fixtures.
Maintenance of such a homely space is automatically done lovingly, but need not turn into a daily chore such as constantly scrubbing carpets, vacuuming the dust out of nooks and cracks…!
Here at Rokoko, we’ve got just the tips that will help you navigate to a redesigned interior design space that reflects your individual style… while being relatively easy to maintain!

The following steps will act as references to unveil just such an interior designer space:
Step 1: Which room are you looking to redesign? Or are you looking to redesign the entire house?
Just this one room. Alright, list down the improvements you have in mind. Think back on past instances where you said, “oh, dear.. this space would look so much better without….” Or “this piece of furniture has to be moved everytime we have guests” Or “oh, dear.. this …… should have been child friendly.” Or “this light fixing always reflects on ….. at night”
Basically you need to keep in mind is:
What changes you have to… have to make.
What improvements can be incorporated, since the space is being redesigned.
Looking to redesign the entire house? The above 2 guidelines will prove helpful, don’t you think? And for further guidance, our expert interior designers at Rokoko are always available to lend their assistance!
Step 2: Great! Now let’s look at your choices for: flooring, wall colour, furniture pieces (choose new, although we’ll renovate your existing beloved pieces too!)
For a reference, our catalogue at Rokoko can act as a starting point to get your inspiration juices flowing!
We have flooring options, wall paint, wall paint textures, wall paper options and furniture and accessory options as well!
For your much-loved and heirloom pieces- we can always explore the option of stripping, re-staining, re-cushioning, etc..
Step 3: Satisfied so far? Next step- Select the pricing package that will work best with you.
Rokoko understands your redesign needs and translates this into a pricing package that will suit your requirements and allow you access to our best interior design expertise.
Step 4: Excellent! Now for the measurements! With due respect, its time for the men in the family to feel involved in the redesign project! And the children can help.... ofcourse!
We have a selection of methods by which you can share the measurements of the selected room/ rooms/ house with our expert team. This will help us to offer appropriate suggestions to put together the right sized furniture and accessory pieces for the space that you have selected to redesign.

And those tricky nooks and cranies can effectively be transformed into wonderful spaces rather than overlooked spaces. Really, it’s a marvel how just changing the placement of a piece of furniture changes the look of an entire room! You’ve tried this right?
Step 5: Wonderful! Now let’s picture the redesign!
Our expert interior designers now put everything together for you to visualise with design illustrations using our online user-friendly interface, until you are satisfied!
Step 6: And let’s not forget to mention Rokoko’s shop and save feature!
The shopping requirement that you have in mind can be searched online right here on the Rokoko website, with pieces that match as well as Rokoko-recommended pieces. Which means you can browse online at your convenience, visualize how the pieces fit together in your redesign and then checkout- all in one place! Wait, there’s more! Contractors, craftsmen, wholesale finds are all in here as well!

Ready to welcome your redesign idea to a reality? Let’s Rokoko!

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