Friday, 5 October 2018

Kitchen Designing is All about Utilising that Space!

Home is where the heart is and heart is where the ummm… food is!
The kitchen is any home’s pride and joy. All utensils, heirloom pieces, silverware, delicate china, cookware, electric appliances- all await the hand/s that prepares those meals everyday.
The kitchen need not be cluttered with all things related to cooking. With the correct design, it can be a welcoming space for a sit down breakfast, a quick cup of tea and snacks when friends stop by and helping hands that sort vegetables over the weekend!

Every family has its unique needs that should be incorporated while designing the kitchen.
1.     Bachelor - use the kitchen for: quick snacks, putting together light meals, healthy juices, maybe a weekend get together with friends with some grilling or baking. And a place to browse your laptop, read the paper, etc so comfortable seating.
2.     Couple- a working couple will want: quick breakfast, putting together light meals, juices and hot beverages, with elaborate meals over the weekend, maybe a get together with friends that includes grilling or baking. And a cosy seating arrangement to share this food!
3.     Couple going into family planning mode- oh, the requirement list will now grow longer! Apart from the meals, cabinet space, tall units requirement, make this a child friendly (and child proof initially), etc.
4.     Small family unit- here as well, the emphasis will be on good space utilisation. With a mix of tall units and short-sized storage.
5.     Extended family unit- here elements from all the above categories will need to be considered!
6.     Retired family- will have their family members visiting every once in a while. Hence while the focus will be on a comfortable kitchen layout, other aspects need to be touched upon.
And then we turn to the essentials of a kitchen:
The layout, cabinet placement, electronic appliances placement, the kitchen trolleys and good lighting.
What are the important elements that make your kitchen a welcome space? Let us know:

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